Pension Trustee Training – are you up to date?

In previous blogs we have covered: Having a trustee business plan – read the blog here Pension scheme risk registers – read the blog here Conflicts of interest – read the blog here  This month, we are going to look at Pension Trustee training. Trusteeship in pensions...

Conflicts of Interest – Is your pension scheme at risk?

In our last article we looked at two of the key areas a pension’s trustee needs to consider in order to provide effective governance for their scheme. These were having a trustee business plan and a pension scheme risk register.  The full article can be found here. In...

Governance – Do you meet the standards of the Pensions Regulator?

The Pensions Regulator is really hot on scheme governance, to the extent that in 2016 they produced a discussion paper on 21st century trusteeship and governance. This explored how trustee standards could be raised and how to improve the way pension schemes are...
Download the pros & cons of using a professional trustee

Download the pros & cons of using a professional trustee

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