Case study

Auto Enrolment - Implementing a complex auto enrolment scheme

The client

High Street Travel Company

The problem


A family run travel company with a mixed workforce of coach drivers, travel agents and back office staff was looking for an auto enrolment solution. One of the companies had a Staging Date of August 2015 and the smaller company August 2017.

The solution

After discussion with the director, it was agreed to bring the Staging Date forward to 1 May 2015 as this coincided with the annual pay review. The contributions paid to the scheme were then able to be budgeted and taken into account when setting revised pay rates.

We then reviewed the market to find a provider that could work with the existing payroll system and could meet the criteria by which we review all pension providers. The report recommendations and the project plan were accepted. We then worked with the chosen provider and the payroll manager to ensure that the data transfer from the company to the provider worked on the first live payroll after the Staging Date. Bespoke communications were issued to employees, including individual letters, posters and staff meetings.

The scheme went live on time and the administration of the scheme payroll has become embedded as business as usual. As a major concern for the business, the auto enrolment project turned out to be a well-managed, even fun, experience.


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Download the pros & cons of using a professional trustee

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