Pension Trustee Training – are you up to date?

In previous blogs we have covered: Having a trustee business plan – read the blog here Pension scheme risk registers – read the blog here Conflicts of interest – read the blog here  This month, we are going to look at Pension Trustee training. Trusteeship in pensions...

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Conflicts of Interest – Is your pension scheme at risk?

In our last article we looked at two of the key areas a pension’s trustee needs to consider in order to provide effective governance for their scheme. These were having a trustee business plan and a pension scheme risk register.  The full article can be found here. In...

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What is a trustee business plan?

We have been banging on about the importance of the pension scheme trustees having a plan, monitoring, tweaking and making it work.    According to research by Aon in 2015 less than a third of DB pension trustees had a business plan with SMART (Specific,...

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21st Century Trustee – Raising the bar

For the last 18 months the Pensions Regulator (our friends in Brighton) has been talking up the importance of good governance in running pension schemes. This is included confirmation of who would fall in scope as a professional trustee and implications for this. So...

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Are we nearly there yet? A trustee journey plan 

We have written several times before about the importance of trustees and their pension scheme sponsors having a shared goal in mind (If you don't know where you are going any road will get you there). Much as though the phrase ‘a journey’ is grossly overused, it is...

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Trustees are more effective as a team

Trustees are more effective as a team if they work together sharing experiences and knowledge. Relying on a perceived star player is a fraught with risk. Corporate history is littered with examples of such companies. Sir Philip Green and BHS spring immediately to...

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