Conflicts of Risk – Is your pension scheme at risk?

What are conflicts of risk and why are they so important to your pension scheme? TPR describes a conflict of interest as follows:‘A conflict of interest may arise when a fiduciary (which includes a trustee) is required to take a decision where: 1.    the fiduciary is...

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Pension schemes – getting things done in times of uncertainty

Pension trustees are faced with an increasing array of obligations and decisions to make. How do you do that when there’s so much uncertainty, ranging from the big bad Brexit wolf, to ESG investing, to the more granular waiting for a regulator DB funding statement?Aon...

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Pension scheme funding – start planning

We are delighted to announce that Peter Weiner has now joined CBC Pension Services as a professional trustee and scheme secretary.Peter joins us with wide professional experience across the pensions industry including acting as a pensions manager, scheme secretary and...

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What trustees think of the CMA’s Fiduciary Management review

PP speaks to CBC Pension Services' Michael Clark about his views on the CMA's review into the investment consultant management markets.   Professional Pensions has interviewed some of the industry's leading independent trustees - asking them for their views on the...

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What does a good pension trustee look like?

Since the Pensions Regulator (or as we call them ‘our friends in Brighton’) launched its 21st Century Trustee initiative back in 2016 there has been plenty of discussion around this important topic.Three years on, how has this impacted you? Do you feel your trustee...

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Professional trustees – why have one?

More and more pension schemes are opting to appoint a professional trustee.The ever-increasing burden of regulation, greater diversity of investment products and scheme deficits combine to make managing a pension scheme an ever more complex undertaking. Getting in a...

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How scenario planning can benefit a Pension Trustee Board

To teach how to live without certainty and yet without being paralysed by hesitation Bertrand Russel What is scenario planning and how can it benefit your Pension scheme? Scenario planning goes much further than risk management or contingency planning. It aims to...

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How we have helped Pension Trustee Boards

Sometimes it’s easier to explain our work by sharing a case study. This month we’d like to show you how we helped one client with a conflicts of interest issue. Conflicts of interest This is where the trustee may wear two or more hats. As a trustee, you have to act in...

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