How to Run an Effective Trustee Meeting

CBC Pension Services   How are your trustee meetings run? Are they well organised, kept to time and good progress is made in terms of decision making and long term strategy development?Or are people late, the meetings overrun and conversations ramble on with no...

Pension Trustees – The importance of creating a Journey Plan

Month: November 2019   In their latest document – Annual funding statement 2019 for defined benefit pension schemes – TPR’s focus is on trustees having a long term journey plan. It’s about DB pension schemes having long term funding targets and...

Conflicts of Risk – Is your pension scheme at risk?

What are conflicts of risk and why are they so important to your pension scheme? TPR describes a conflict of interest as follows:‘A conflict of interest may arise when a fiduciary (which includes a trustee) is required to take a decision where: 1.    the fiduciary is...
Download the pros & cons of using a professional trustee

Download the pros & cons of using a professional trustee

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